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April 2017, Week 4: Steve Johnson

TrainYourCamera Featured Maro Photo Steve Johnson

Photo © Steve Johnson

Camera: Nikon D40X

Camera Lens:200mm

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/32.0
Shutter: 2.5 sec


Lavender Closeup

April 2017, Week 3: Christopher Kray

TrainYourCamera Featured Photo Christopher Kray

Photo © Christopher Kray

Camera: Sony-SLT A99V

Camera Lens: 100mm

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/14.0
Shutter: 2.5 sec


Macro Red Rose with Rain.

April 2017, Week 2: Holley and Chris Melton – Butterfly Macro!

TrainYourCamera Featured Macro Photo

Photo © Holley and Chris Melton

Camera Lens: 105mm F2.8

ISO: 500
F/stop: f/14.0
Shutter: 1/125 sec


Shot butterflies at Krohn’s Conservatory in Cincinnati.

April 2017, Week 1: Lars P – Small and Greedy

TrainYourCamera Featured Macro Photo Lars P

Photo © Lars P

Camera Lens: Elicar 90mm macro lens

ISO: 100
Shutter: 1/125 sec


Small caterpillar on rose leaf

February 2017, Week 4: Don Komarechka

TrainYourCamera Featured Macro Photo Don Komarechka

Photo © Don Komarechka

Camera: Canon 1DX Mark II, Lens MP-E65 F/2.8 1-5x Macro

ISO: 200
F/stop: f/10.0
Shutter: 1/250 sec


Don is a world famous photographer based in Ontario, Canada and is a regular co-host of the podcast This Week in Photo. His book:  Sky Crystals: Unraveling the Mysteries of Snowflakes, is an exploration of snowflakes up close.

Don put this shot together in his backyard with an ant on a blade of grass in front of an Osteospermum. To ensure focus across the entire image, Don focus-stacked 7 frames together. The powder coating on bluegrass helps to create spherical water droplets, creating perfect lenses to focus on the flower behind.

February 2017, Week 3: Terry Lucas – Sunny Days

TrainYourCamera Featured Macro Photo Terry Lucas

Photo © Terry Lucas

Focal Length: 106.8mm

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/8.0
Shutter: 1/400 sec

Terry’s Comments:

Terry took this shot in mid winter with a temperature of 75º – flowers already looking good. Terry mentions that Bottom of Shoe angle is overdone and it is better to get as much from the side angle as possible. Also a focus stack of 300 images would have been a good idea for this flower.

Focus stacking:  Taking multiple images with varying focus distances to create one image with a greater depth of field.

February 2016, Week 2: Alex Holyoake – Living On The Edge

Photo by: Alex Holyoake

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D

Focal Length: 55.0 mm

ISO: 400
F/stop: F5.6
Shutter: 1/60 sec


February 2016, Week 1: Bruno Schalch – MacroFly

Train Your Camera Featured Macro Photo Bruno Schalch

Photo by: Bruno Schalch

Camera: Canon Powershot SX40

Focal Length: 56.1mm

ISO: 200
F/stop: F5
Shutter: 1/50 sec

Notes: At F5.0 Bruno went for a shallow depth of field. Only the eyes, face and front feet are in focus, and the blurry effect of the rest of the photo is what adds to the effect.

January 2016, Week 4: Izak van Heerden – Font of Progress

Train Your Camera Featured Macro Photo

Photo by: Izak van Heerden

Camera: Canon 7D

Focal Length: 100mm

ISO: 400
F/stop: F14
Shutter: 1/320 sec

Izak’s Description: Shot was done with a keyboard and a pencil in a light tent. Shutter had to be fast enough to catch the droplet as it was perfectly formed before it fell. The drops formed too quick so I increased the viscosity by adding glycerin. On the Canon 100mm lens I had to make the aperture really small otherwise parts of the pencil would be out of focus.

January 2016, Week 3: Vibrant Aqua Eye

Trainyourcamera.com featured macro photo PumpkinCat210

Photo by: PumpkinCat210

Camera: Canon Powershot SX30

Focal Length: 150.5 mm

ISO: 200
F/stop: F2.7
Shutter: 1/30 sec

Notes: Photoshop editing employed

January 2016, Week 2: DragonFly in Flight by Nigel
Train Your Camera Nigel

Photo by: Nigel

Camera: Canon EOS 40D, EF300mm f/4L IS USM +1.4x Lens

Focal Length: 420mm

ISO: 320
F/stop: F5.6
Shutter: 1/1000 sec

Notes: Nigel managed the very difficult task of catching a dragonfly in flight. His shutter speed of 1/1000 was enough to show a slight blur on the wings, thereby giving the impression of motion. His telescopic 300 mm zoom lens with extender gave him the reach to catch the dragonfly from a distance.

January 2016, Week 1: Kate Russel
TYCFeaturedMacro - Kate Russel - Washing Line

Photo by: Kate Russel

Camera: Canon EOS 550D

ISO: 100
F/stop: F8.0
Shutter: 1/200 sec

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