TrainYourCamera Featured Photo February 2017

Featured Landscape Photos for February 2017

In February we featured the following photographers:

  • Raymond Gehman
  • Jojo Nicdao
  • Terry Lucas
  • Caroline Peace Kruger

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February 2017, Week 4: Caroline Peace Kruger

TrainYourCamera Caroline Peace Kruger

Photo © Caroline Peace Kruger

Focal Length: 18.3mm

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/5
Shutter: 1/200 sec

Caroline’s Comments:

I used a bridge camera Canon Sx60hs and took the shot in the late afternoon just off a hiking trail through a reserve.There had been a lot of rain in days before that and the landscape was semi overgrown.I loved the way the grass was shimmering in the light of the sunset and took the opportunity of the lighting conditions to capture this result.

February 2017, Week 3: Terry Lucas – Vancouver Sunrise

TrainYourCamera Featured Landscape Terry Lucas

Photo © Terry Lucas

Focal Length: 18.3mm

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/5.6
Shutter: 1/100 sec

Terry’s Comments:

Early morning at Vancouver, British Clumbia – Coal Harbour. Terry also recommends visting at 9PM to listen to the canon fire.

February 2017, Week 2: Jojo Nicdao – Beach Calm

Photo © Jojo Nicdao

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/8
Shutter: 0.4 sec

February 2017, Week 1: Raymond Gehman – Old Faithful

Train Your Camera Featured Landscape Photo Raymond Gehman

Photo © Raymond Gehman

ISO: 80
F/stop: f/16
Shutter: 1/125sec

Raymond’s Description:

The shutter speed was 125th of a second to stop most of the motion of the geyser erupting! The f-Stop was F16 which provides the star effect when shooting into the sun. The ISO was 80 and I photographed this on Kodachrome slide film with a 24 mm wide angle lens. I knew I would have to capture a special and unique image of “Old Faithful” because it is the major icon of Yellowstone National Park.  I shot this geyser every which way I could think of but I realized the best pictures were going to be in the winter with snow on the ground and the cold temperatures make for a more dramatic plume of steam. Plus, I knew I wanted to shoot it back-lit, so I timed an eruption with sunset.

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