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This page is a platform to show off your work (the best landscape photos) to our audience of photography lovers.

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May 2017, Week 4: Tony Heyward

TrainYourCamera Featured Photo Tony Heyward

Photo © Tony Heyward

Camera: Pentax K-5

Focal Length: 21mm

ISO: 80
F/stop: f/22
Shutter: 0.5


Sunset Across the Jamison Valley from Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, Australia

May 2017, Week 3: Kosala Bandara

TrainYourCamera Featured Photo Kosala

Photo © Kosala Bandara

Camera: Canon EOS 5D

Focal Length: 21mm

ISO: 200
F/stop: f/9.0
Shutter: 1/160


The Lauterbrunnen Valley is an impressive trough valley in the Alps, and one of the biggest nature conservation areas in Switzerland.

May 2017, Week 2: Iain Merchant

TrainYourCamera Featured Landscape Photo Iain Merchant

Photo © Iain Merchant

Camera: Panasonic DMC-GX8

Focal Length: 12mm

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/8.0
Shutter: 1/40


A River Walk: A walk along the River Soar with some beautiful reflections…

May 2017, Week 1: Mark Strobl

TrainYourCamera Featured Landscape Photo Mark Strobl

Photo © Mark Strobl

Camera: Canon EOS 50D



Watching Taunus in the spring. Photographed in Bornich, Germany.

March 2017, Week 4: Chris Combe


Photo © Chris Combe

Camera: Nikon D7100

Focal length: 11mm

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/13
Shutter: 1/4 sec (long exposure)


Taken at a group of standing stones near the village of Callanish in Scotland. The stones are arranged in the form of a crucifix and were erected in the late Neolithic era. The purpose of these stones was for ritualistic activity.

March 2017, Week 3: Susie de Castro

TrainYourCamera Featured Landscape Photo Susie DCL

Photo © Susie de Castro

Susie’s Description:

Took it at our new park Noyo Headlands Park, part of the California Trail from Mexico to the Oregon Coast.  I took it with my Samsung Android 7. I love my Smart phone, with camera, because it allows me to capture the world, chronicle an event, express myself, share a moment. It has changed my life. I❤MY?.

March 2017, Week 2: James Johnstone

TrainYourCamera Featured Landcape Photo James Johnstone

Photo © James Johnstone

Focal Length: 24mm

ISO: 64
F/stop: f/16
Shutter: 1/8 sec (long exposure)


Caerlaverock Castle was built in the 13th Century – a triangular shaped moated construction built on the southern coast of Scotland. The castle was besieged and rebuilt several times over the centuries and now stand abandoned in the Caerlaverock nature reserve.

March 2017, Week 1: Eugene Lim

TrainYourCamera Featured Photo Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve

Photo © Eugene Lim

Focal Length: 24mm

ISO: 100
F/stop: f/10
Shutter: 30 sec (long exposure)


Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve is located to the north of Hong Kong – a dense area of woodlands with many bird species.


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